15 Scrunchie Hairstyles – How To Wear a Scrunchie

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Okay, let’s calm down. Yes, summer is here, and it is awesome. Now is the time to consider stylish and flirty hair accessories that will help take any summer outfit up a notch.  Bring back the 90s this season with scrunchies that will give off all of the girl next door vibes. I’ll never forget the Sex and The City scene, where Carrie points out to her author lover, that New York women do not wear scrunchies, after he published a book, and wrote about a woman from New York, who wore a scrunchie.

Take a look at these scrunchie hairstyles from velvet scrunchies that will take your slicked back pony  on your next night out, to super cute pastel polka dot hair scrunchies that will add an extra pop of feminine vibes to any look. Take a messy bun from day to night in an instant with one of our patterned scrunchies that will get all the right attention. Whatever your hair desires.

Scrunchie with half up half down

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