35 Hottest Eye Makeup Looks For Day And Evening

You’ll no longer have to wonder what eye makeup you’re wearing out Date night out. Check out these 35 hottest eye makeup looks – makeup trends. So there you go ladies with so many different styles to glam up your eyes.

35 Hottest Eye Makeup Looks For Day And Evening , eye shadow #eyemakeup #makeup

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Little tips how to apply eye make

Narrow Eyes : Light eye shadow centered from lashes to crease. Darker hue at inside corners. Darker still at outside corners and up. Underlining optional. Use only the thinnest eyeliner to upper lid.

To Enhance Small Eyes : Use only light shades of eye shadow from lashes to crease, then blend darker shade up and out toward tip of eyebrow. Apply Highlighter at the outer corners. Mascara on upper lashes only. Eyeliner on upper lids must be very thin. Underline from center of pupil to corners.

Droppy Eyes : Mascara upper and lower. Curl lashes. Dark smoky shadow to center of lid at lashes. Extend this color upward and outward. Eyeliner from center upper lid, widening upward towards outside corners. Underline center and out.

Shallow Eyes : Use darker shadow on the lid, lighter above the brow. Dot eyeliner at base of lashes. Underline from corner to center. Mascara to upper lashes only.

Deep-set Eyes : Use a light color of eye shadow over the entire lid. Use darker shadow above the crease and the darkest shadow in the crease. Don’t underline the eyes and use liner only in center of upper lid. Concentrate mascara at tips of lashes.