53 Hottest eye makeup looks

Makeup is a wonderful tool to enhance your looks and accentuate your best features. As with the old saying, “out with the old and in with the new”, the season of fall brings us fun and fresh makeup trends that will surely become your favorite go-to looks. This year’s trends give a whole new take on classic looks that are so versatile, you can use them from day to night.  It seems that 2019 is all about the bright and bold colors that most are afraid to work with. However, this year, it’s all about making a statement and showing off the look that most others won’t bother with. Search around until you find bright colored eyeliner that is beyond your normal purchase of makeup, but isn’t too daring and bold that you wouldn’t feel confident showing. One of the popular shades for this year is Urban Decay 24/7 Glind-On Eye Pencil in the shade Psychedelic Sister. With this shade, try incorporating a matching shade of eye shadow that will really give your eyes a dramatic affect.

Today we’ve rounded up the hottest eye makeup looks ; included euphoria inspired eye makeup looks. These eye makeup looks are really really lovely daydreaming , creepy, amazing, cute , creative ooooh soooo many reason to love these lovely makeup that are trending now and we dare you to try them.

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Amazing makeup by olgadann