52 Trending Winter Nail Colors & Design Ideas

Sometimes having longer nails isn’t enough. Some women like to have their (usually acrylic) nails festooned with sparkles, studs, drawings, painting and glitter. Nail art, literally painting decorative designs on finger and toenails, is becoming increasingly popular, whether to brighten up a special occasion outfit or to make a daily statement. The key to having beautiful nail art is to start with beautiful nails. If yours are bitten down to the quick, apply acrylic ones first. Once they are shaped and sculpted, apply a neutral base then start drawing your chosen design with a fine-tipped brush.

Both gel and acrylic nails are equally popular, though acrylic nails are being used for a much longer period than gel nails. The basic difference in both is their forms. Gel nails are obviously in gel form and are made from a pre-mixed polymer and monomer gel, which is applied to the nails and then cured either under UV lights or with a special gel activator in case of non-UV cured gel nails.

Where acrylic nails are concerned, they are basically made from a mixture of liquid acrylic and polymer and once the mixture is applied it usually gets set within minutes. Both the gel and acrylic nails help in lengthening your short nails, making them stronger and obviously adding sheen to your nails. Though both make your nails look glorious and stunning. We have your winter nails sorted. Here’s all your winter nail art designs, inspiration and ideas to help get you ready for winter party.

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