35 Eye Makeup Looks That Are Perfect Office Makeup

Looking good and feel good at work that most of us want to be. For the perfect office makeup try natural shades. Use lip gloss instead of lipstick or nude lipsticks. Experiment with colors. Keep your skin clean and hydrated. Like we all know, everything starts with the correct and perfect makeup foundation. Makeup foundation is an amazing secret that makes our skin look naturally flawless, smooth and with a healthy glow.

The tone of your makeup foundation completely depends on your skin, and when you have a good regime of maintenance, reparation and prevention system (skin care regimen and the subject of another of my informative articles) you will notice that foundation is not as necessary which means that you can go straight to a light dusting of powder. Until we get you there though, there are many types of makeup foundations, and is important to choose the one that best adapt to your skin tone and skin type so its looks natural. Also there are foundations that have luminescence with is light reflecting qualities creating a glowing, refine look; creating a more youthful look. When you choose the correct and perfect makeup foundation I guarantee your makeup will stay on longer and look its best.

Before applying your foundation use a good primer and concealer to cover imperfections like red spots or blemishes. Begin applying the foundation on the nose using a small amount; blend it upward toward the hairline. You can apply it all over, or just where you need it and press it to your face with your fingers to fully blend.

Moisturizers and oil control lotions can be applied on the skin before you apply your make up. There are primers and concealer that will help you to create the perfect skin tone and will help you minimize dilated pores. Also there are primers to give more light to tired eyes, to cover marks on skin and blemish skin. The bottom line is you have everything you need to create the perfect canvas for the perfect makeup. For more information on tools and techniques to apply makeup feel free to contact me, I will love to personally help you. Now you’re ready, let be inspired by these gorgeous eye makeup looks that are perfect for office.